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The S.a.r.l. SOLAR FURNACE DEVELOPMENT, functions in total self-financing according to three complementary shutters

Animations, with the organization of pédagogic and démonstratives visits, including solar concentration experiences between 2500 and 4000°C.

These visits, very concrete and practical are unanimously apreciated by more than 20000 visitors per annum, covering a population going of the nursery classes to the groups of old people, while passing through the students and universities and tourists in order to discover, how the Solar furnace functions, and to know what is its usage.

Small-scale production of Art ceramic, cooked between 1000°C and 1400°C, by the concentration of the solar energy, which is a worldwide exclusivity.

The ceramic production is currently sold to our visitors, but it will also be sold in the tourist, cultural and scientific places. This original production is exclusive worldwide. It gives the prouf that it is possible to produce in a profitable way, without any pollution, without generating any toxic wastes !

It must be noticed that our activity created four full-time jobs and three seasonal ones. Our company is involved in the regional economy through the regional economic Chamber, through the tourist frequentation which we are continuously developing, and from of which all local businesses benefit; but also, by the payment of a rent to the Commune, of the professional tax, the VAT and the social contributions...

We reactivated the Mount-Louis Solar Furnace by the ceramic small-scale production but this is only the first step !

We are developing and optimizing all the productions which are possible in partnership with the C.N.R.S, in order to be able to build, within five years, some simple and cheap solar furnaces, within the framework local projects developments in the tropical countries like in the countries in the process of development.