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Solar furnace Development was created within the framework of the regional program Photogravure-Park, the purpose of which is to develop Scientific and Cultural Tourism on the three solar sites of Cerdagne, with Mount-Louis, Odeillo and Targasonne.

Currently Photogravure-Park functions by the transfer of the visitors from one site to another, by a system of reduction on presentation of the ticket of entry of a first site. But a common ticket for the three sites is being studied. The installation of a " ticketting Photogravure-Park " will allow, not only to increase the number of visitors on the three sites; but also to motivate even more our visitors to prolong their stay in Cerdagne in order to see everything!

This program Photogravure-Park is in the course of installation. In addition, we develop an active partnership, with the other places of interest of Cerdagne-Capcir, to allow our visitors to also discover the Animal Park of the Angles, the Cave of Fontrabiouse, the Museum of Cerdagne in Sainte-Léocadie, the Workshop of stained glass in Cabanasse, the Natural Reserve of the Valley of Eyne, and when it is created, the teaching Farm of Saint-Pierre Dels Forcats.

Cerdagne-Capcir with the naturalness, it is the sun, the mountain, the climatism, snow, nature, the open-air life, fauna and the flora and a crowd of discoveries. To such a degree that we set up with the centers of holidays, the " classes of discovery ", with stays with topics in addition to the traditional classes of snow and school camps.

The Director of Solar Furnace Development
Denis Eudeline