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The principal objectives of these classes of discovery are

To allow the Children to become aware of the limits, which are a must , of the reserves of the fossile fuel Earth.

To understand that their exhaustion is inevitable, and that their excessive use generates problems of pollution and waste unceasingly increasing.

After this awakening, to show that the current situation is not a fate and that the solutions to reduce pollution exist.

To show with concrete examples, tested by the children themselves, how it is possible to use the whole of energies that nature gives us. And how the use of these inexhaustible energies will make it possible to preserve the environment.

To allow the children to understand nature, to approach some by learning what it gives us, and to discover how much it is fragile, but also generous, if one can respect it.

The stay is decorated by ski the winter, excursions of discovered fauna and flora in spring and in autumn, the visit of the animal park and various interesting and complementary sites in Cerdagne and Capcir.

Programs in French :